I know… I know….

Some of you are probably thinking, “no way Jose!” 


Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You may even have thoughts of making a sweater but feel like that is beyond your reach because you are a new knitter or you can’t read patterns.

Well, to heck with all of that. 

I still think it is possible and you should try to make a sweater. It may be just me but I always felt that I would never be a “real knitter” until I made a couple key items: socks and a sweater.

Why is that?

I honestly don’t know. But I think it is due to those particular garments symbolizing wearable items that can be handmade and surpass your experience with their manufactured counterparts. Regardless, I have made both—not perfect, totally wearable, and somewhat cute. 

Both experiences made me feel accomplished. And I thought making both once would curb the desire and I would return to my cowl and shawl making, but not so.

For some reason making my “real sweater” has heighten my senses to sweaters. I look at sweaters in the store and I immediately begin to inspect their construction. The seams. The shape. The color. The stitch selection. The fiber makeup.

I just may become a “real sweater maker”. 🙂

But it all became REAL when I wore my sweater on a cold trip to Indiana. It was freezing to this Texas gal. One morning it peaked (yes, peaked) at 12 degrees. O.O

I was attending a conference and I packed very few clothes. I like to rotate my clothing on trips to limit my luggage to a carryon. This means I pack really light and I carry several hand knitted items to add variety. It makes my outfits very personal and unique. 

Well let me tell you…my hand knitted items saved me. 

But the showstopper was Joseph.

Worsted Boxy | Joseph | Essence of Me

I probably broke every fashion rule known to man when I wore it three times in one week. But I didn’t care. It was warm. Cozy. Cute. And MINE. LOL!

I had a million people stop me and ask about it. And I had other knitters stopping me asking about the pattern and the yarn. 

I am rambling so let me pull this back in to say this…I believe every knitter should make a sweater. 


There are very few things that EVERYbody should do but this is one of them, at least in my honest opinion. I have a few reasons to help me out here…

1. Knitting a sweater is Knitting 101 on steroids. …Hear me out… While knitting a basic sweater—by basic I mean a simple stitch, very little shaping, etc—you can learn almost everything you need to know to be a proficient knitter. Cast on, bind off, knit stitch, purl stitch, knit in the round, and seaming. This is just with a basic sweater. 

2. Knitting a sweater is creating wearable art. Sweaters are art. Now that can be beautiful, ugly, subjective. It can be an heirloom, gesture of love, and a way to de-stash. No matter the reason it can be wearable art. And expression of the knitter’s unique style and it represents where you are at that time. 

3. Knitting a sweater is an accomplishment you can relive over and over and over again. I can misread a pattern and screw up my shawl. I can decide to go commando and make a lopsided cowl. I can even start a project with good intentions and allow my poor color combinations to derail my plans. But no matter what every time I wear Joseph I find the courage to pick up my needles again. I know I can knit whatever I put my mind to. Joseph is like a wearable trophy. LOL! 

I challenge you to make one sweater. Any sweater. 

Worsted Boxy | Joseph | Essence of Me

I am extremely fond on the Worsted Boxy because it is easy and it doesn’t take forever to knit—I’m a slow knitter. I also like the idea of being able to select a worsted weight yarn from your local box store to give it a go. 

You could even check out Sweater 101. I would highly suggest having this book on hand and it would be GREAT for people that don’t know how to read patterns. 

What do you think?

Do you aspire to knit (or crochet) a sweater? If so, what’s stopping you?


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