I think I’m getting the hang of this. 😉 Today, I wanted to knit. This is a knit cable slouchy hat. I need to work on it a little. You’ll see more in the pictures below.

Before we jump to the pictures, it is important to share a few tips along the way for those of you who have not knitted or crocheted for a charitable organization.

Tip #1

When knitting for many charity organizations read through their website and/or contact the person charged with accepting donations. Here are some questions you may ask:

  • What type of projects are they in need of? For example, hats, scarves, blankets, shawls, etc.
  • Do they have a recommended yarn type and/or brand? This is especially important for chemo caps and items for preemies.
  • Do they have a local drop-off location? This could save you on postage and allow you to connect with people locally.
  • Do they have any special requests? This is an important question because I’ve found that many organizations need items for children. This may mean buying fun colorful yarn. While some cancer centers like solid colors because it assists the patients since they can match it with many outfits.

Let me know if you have any questions. Here’s what I finished today.

Totally Twisted Slouchy Hat

I truly like this knit cable slouchy hat BUT it will not make my donation pile, as is. I plan to donate my hats for October to chemo patients. Thus, the small holes here and there will make it unsuitable.

When donating to cancer centers most request that the hat is solid. Patients usually aim to cover their scalps completely. Even a small hole will show skin. So I have an idea or two about how to fix it.

I’ll keep you posted. Until then…

Knit Cable Slouchy Hat - 31 Days of Yarncrafting for a Cause - Essence of Me
The profile is super cute.

Knit Cable Slouchy Hat - 31 Days of Yarncrafting for a Cause - Essence of Me
See the holes mentioned.

In the end, I love this hat. I plan to make some adjustments to my tension–I may even try another type of yarn. Hum…


What do you think?

The base pattern for this hat can be found HERE. My adjustments were minor and anticipate more before I’m satisfied with the final product. Isn’t that the fun of crafting? Trial and error until you get it…just right.



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