Have you ever blogged along with 1200+ writers? Well, I have. The Nester hosts a monthly blogging challenge during October. Last year, I blogged about love on my personal blog–this year my topic is Audacious Faith. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to bring to my hobbies blog.

So here we go… And I have to warn my non-crafters because this is going to be a month full of yarncrafting. And not just any ole’ crafting but I want to craft for a cause.

31 Days of Yarncrafting for a Cause - Essence of Me

Yarncrafting for a Cause

It pretty simple. I will blog everyday for the month of October. (I’m going to count this post too.)

This means we’ll have 32 posts about crafting in one form or another. Here’s what I have planned:

  • Video Blogs (of course)
  • Tutorials (for knitting and crochet)
  • I’m going to answer some of your questions (so please leave them for me throughout the month)
  • I’m also going to continue to share my WIPs.
  • I’m sure I’ll think of more with 31 posts to produce. LOL!

I will add all the posts in the series to this page. The posts will run from September 30 – October 31, 2013. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the posts in your inbox. Are you? If so, buckle up and let’s go!


Introduction: 31 Days of Yarncrafting for a Cause (You’re here.)

Day 1: Hats Anyone?

Day 2: Knit Cable Slouchy Hat for a Chemo Cap

Day 3: Cast Off Thursday & Yarncrafter’s Chat Hybrid

Day 4: Crochet Blanket and Bag (with Pattern)

Day 5: If more people knitted and crocheted…

Day 6: He Works in Us

Day 7: Frogged, Frogged, Frogged

Day 8: Triangle Top Down Knit Shawl


[fancy_header3 variation=”coffee” textColor=”#000000″]QUESTION[/fancy_header3]

Do you have a charity you support by making handmade yarncrafts (crochet, knitting, looming, etc)? If so, share in the comments. Also share any questions you’d like for me to blog about this month. Thanks!

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P.S. Are you a writer? If so, consider joining the community of writers as we express ourselves some in words, others in pictures, and much much more. Check it at at The Nester.

P.P.S. I’m also starting a 31 Day of…Healthy Me via Instagram. Clean eating (vegetarian) and daily exercise from October 1 – 31, 2013. #HealthyMewithDP


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