I can’t stand living in this plastic bag. Who’s bright idea was in anyway to use a plastic bag as a project bag? I’m shoved in, half done and it’s not fair!

I’m sorry…how rude of me. I should introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Vanessa. And I’m a soon to be, well I hope soon-to-be, knitted sweater made by, none other than, Dana. However, our journey together has been a rocky one.

Urgh…I’ve digressed already.

Focus Vanessa.

My name is Vanessa. I’m a hand knit sweater. I’m nearly complete but at the time of writing this post I’m tucked away in a plastic bag, inside a project bag awaiting the day to say “it is finished”. Until that day I’m stuck in here with who know’s what until who know’s when.

Sigh…hence my “it’s not fair” speech earlier.

I’m not a whiny type. Honestly I’m not. I could explain my situation and let you decide for yourself.

It's Not Fair - Vanessa - Essence of Me

A Sweater

It all started out so hopeful. Dana got the courage to attempt “a sweater”. She’s an ambitious one. The next thing I know I’m casted on to a pair of needles and we were off to a great start.

The back panel was a breeze. She even made a tutorial about it. Did you see me?

Then the front panel is when the reality of “sweater knitting” kicked in. She began to sweat a little. The next thing I knew she was putting me to the side and instead mumbling inches and stitches. She was working hard I could tell…but it was all facts and figures and very little knitting.

And then IT happen.

…a KAL—knit-a-long.

Those things pop up at the worst times. The invite came while she was in a troublesome part of our journey. And guess what Dana did?

Oh go ahead…I’m sure it won’t take too many guesses.

She got excited again but it wasn’t about me. 🙁 She folded me with my two panels and no sleeves. I was gently place to the side at first. Then eventually I was placed in the infamous WIP bag.


I don’t like it here.

If you made it this far in my story can you please do me a favor? I promise I won’t tell the others in this bag. Can you send Dana a message? It’s quite simple.

“Please free Vanessa.”

I’m sure I will be done soon and I’m sure this will all work out eventually. But I just need a little help.


Knitting and Crochet Annual

Blog Week 2014

I hope you all liked my post today. It is all from my vibrant imagination based on my sweater Vanessa. I’ll be posting throughout the week in observance of Knitting and Crochet Annual Blog Week. I’ve always wanted to do it and this year…I am.

About the Week:

Once a year knitters and crocheters that blog are invited from all over the world to take part in a community blog week in which they are presented with a number of topics to blog about over the period of seven days. The topics are very flexible and can be interpreted in many ways, so there is a good deal of variety in the posts that this inspires, which then provide wonderful reading for anyone who enjoys reading the blogs that it inspires.

For more information visit http://www.eskimimimakes.com.



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