Addi Turbo Lace Needles: Hum…Dana, excuse me, do you have a second?

Dana: Sure, what’s on your mind?

Addi Turbo Lace Needles: First, call me Addi T please. We have not been formally introduced and we have something to clear up.

Dana: Oh, okay.


**Dana gives Addi T a sideways look. But he was ready to state his case.**


Dana: Please, proceed.

Addi T: It really bothers me when you blame me for the whole “finger pricking”, “they’re too sharp”.

Dana: What are you talking about? I didn’t blame you. I was stating a fact. They are too sharp. And you are.

Addi T: No ma’am. I’m not too sharp but YOU knit too tight. You try to chock me to death. Have you ever had one-and-eighty stitches wrapped around your neck?!

Dana: Well…I never thought about it that way…

Addi T: And your hands absolutely agree with me. I’m sure of it. Ask them.

Dana: My hands?

Addi T: Yes, your hands. Ask them.

Dana: Now…you are going too far. And look who’s doing the blame game now.

Addi T: I just feel like we got off on the wrong foot and you go and blab it to EVERYBODY. Then you go and make a video about it. Somethings gotta give.


**Dana is rolling her eyes until they’re almost stuck in her head.**


Dana: You can’t stop me from telling my truth. I bought you and we have to work together. But blaming is not going to work.

Addi T: You could have at least tried to work it out before telling everyone.

Dana: I hear you. So what are you proposing here…

Addi T: I’m so glad you asked. How about we work with each other instead of against?

Dana: Since when have you been so forceful?

Addi T: Since you’ve decided to tell everybody!

Dana: Okay…okay…but can you please do it with a little less attitude?!

Addi T: Can you stop spilling the beans on those Yarncrafter’s Chats?

Dana: Okay!!! But stop with the attitude. So, I’ll stop blabbing and you’ll stop whining….



Addi T: Oh…she has jokes folks! Yes, I’ll stop whining. Now, let’s get back to knitting.



Knitting and Crochet Annual

Blog Week 2014

Today’s Task: Conversations Between Workers.  Start by writing a few short paragraphs from the point of view of one of the tools you use for your craft.

This was the task. I went a little more creative by doing dialog. I was having fun. 😉

About the Week:

Once a year knitters and crocheters that blog are invited from all over the world to take part in a community blog week in which they are presented with a number of topics to blog about over the period of seven days. The topics are very flexible and can be interpreted in many ways, so there is a good deal of variety in the posts that this inspires, which then provide wonderful reading for anyone who enjoys reading the blogs that it inspires.

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