I can’t believe I’m writing this post.

But I must….

I really must…

I am implementing a buying freeze this week. I am placing one final order (unless I have one of the listed exceptions) and I plan to blog more about it.


First my why… I have a lot of yarn. Not as much as I once had, but enough. I’m not going to give it away because most of it I got for myself to make accessories or from my Yarnbox subscriptions. So instead of letting it sit I’m going to get to crocheting and knitting. And I may need your help…(see below).

I also have quite a bit of fabric. I know… already. But I don’t want the mix-match mess I had with my yarn. So I need to do an intervention NOW.

I also don’t want a life full of half-done projects. I create for fun and to COMPLETE.

My Exceptions:

  1. Project Requests. I make items for others. So I’ll still do they. They usually buy the supplies or I shop for them. I also have some specific themed swaps. For example I recently did a Christmas mini quilt and needed holiday fabric.
  2. Backing Fabric. I have pre-cuts but not yardage for backing my quilts. Thus, I have fabric to make quilt tops but not to complete them. I’ll shop for backing fabric only when the top is complete and ready to be quilted and bound.
  3. Batting. I don’t have a large storage area thus I only have a few packages of batting. I will need to purchase batting but again only when the project is complete and ready to be quilted and bound.
  4. Supplies. Needles, thread, etc. will be purchase as needed. And that is need not want.

This means I will put my subscription boxes on hold. **cringe**

Including Yarnbox… ugh…..

But it must be done. I have some current projects that I’m finishing that may need yardage to complete but I’m going to try my best to compete with what I have.

I will share my progress…

I Need Your Help

So I need some ideas for quick projects. The faster I make the faster I can get my boxes again. LOL!

Any suggestions? Add them to the comment section.

Also, have you done a buying freeze…what happened? And share any tips.



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