Crafting VLOG: Spiritual Life Balance

Spiritual Life Balance | Crafting VLOG | Essence of Me

I’m loving my new crafting room…or what we’ve dubbed “Mom’s Studio”. I feel so official… LOL! Today I have a crafting VLOG for you. I’m answering a viewers question and more. The more includes fabric, information about the Row-by-Row Experience and chatting, of course. 😉 GRAB your project, SIP...

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Crafting VLOG: Permission to Fail

Crafting VLOG - June 2015

  I’m trying out a new video style. I guess we can call it that… Let me know what you think. I’m mixing crafting and a little inspiration. But for today I want you to consider what’s holding you back… Permission to Fail (Can’t see the video. Please...

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Life, Expectations & Goals || VLOG #27

Life, Expectations and Goals || VLOG # 27

This video covers A LOT. Sit back and enter into convo with me. I discuss my life, expectation and goals. Also PLEASE take a few minutes and complete this quick survey: Thank you!!! And enjoy. Life, Expectations and Goals (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view...

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I’m Back!!! End of My Social Lockdown.

I’m back! I missed posting to my block because I’ve been crocheting and knitting like crazy.   POST REVISION (5/11/13): I received a great question about examples of my prayer shawls. Here are some links to help… I have several videos on YouTube showing them. Click HERE to view....

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Social Hiatus

Social Hiatus by Dana Pittman

  I’m taking a social hiatus from February 14th – April 1st. This message explains my thinking a bit. (Can’t see this video? Click to view online.)  

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