I have been super quiet on the website and blog but active (kind of) on YouTube. However, things are getting an update.

Update #1: Redesign

The website is getting a redesign. Yeah!!! I am getting professional assistance. I want to streamline the site and have everyone pointed in the same direction.

Please make sure you subscribe to my email list to get the pre-opening announcement. I want to have a giveaway and some fun with the upcoming changes.

Update #2: Refocus

I am refining my focus for my blogging/vlogging…Hobbies, Hair and Health. I have always loved these areas of my life. They are also the source of great joy and angst. Urgh… More to come on this.

Update #3: Social Media

We are also updating the social media location. We’re on Twitter and Facebook. Here are the details:

Update #4: Stay Connected

Subscribe to the email list. The email feeds will probably change with the website change. I don’t want you to miss any updates. Thus, click the button below and add your email address to the list. I will keep your information private and I won’t share with anyone.

Thanks for your support–whether you read the blog, watch a vlog, or subscribe to my email list. I truly appreciate it. I look forward to the road ahead.

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