I feel like singing “I’m Every Woman” when considering what I’d like to share with you about who I am. I’m a Christian. I believe that Jesus died and rose for my sins. My relationship with Him is what sustains me and makes me who I am to the people that I love in my life.

I am wife to my high school sweetheart and best friend. We will celebrate our 14th anniversary and nearly 19 years of working on our relationship.

I am mother to two children and one step-son. I love being a mother, it’s a challenge and one of the greatest blessings that God has given me.

I am an entrepreneur. I love business and I love helping others realize their dreams to become business owners.

Other Fun Facts

  • I love to share God’s word through bible study and fellowship.
  • I am a speaker. I travel giving workshops, training, and speaking.
  • I am a published author.
  • I love to crochet and knitting. And LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping for yarn. 😉
  • We (my husband and I) homeschool our children.
  • I love to sing.
  • I love to read.
  • I’m a nerd. (And I love it!!!)
  • I love to cook and feed people.
  • I have misplaced (smile) over 60 pounds.
  • I have been natural (my hair) for over 10 years. But I’ve only rocked my natural curly hair for two years.

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