I am not the best crafter. I mean, I try hard, I’m a fast learner and I can’t help but love yarn and fabric. However, I have a really long way to go to become this creative-uber-crafter I envision in my head.

To help me move towards my quest of being Dana the Supercrafter—that seems kind of weird…LOL—I have a few secret weapons I’ve been wanting to share. I’m sure you are aware of them all and if you’re not then I hope you will be equally as impressed with them as I am.

1. CreativeBug

I started using CreativeBug over a year ago. I used it for my daughter since she likes so many different crafts. But over the past few months I have found it extremely beneficial with my sewing. The possibilities with CreativeBug are endless and their most recent membership upgrade which allows members to select a class per month to have indefinite access is AWESOME! (Check out my bonus section below for a free pass.)

2. Kindle Unlimited

I’m a HUGE reader. So when Amazon offered a free trial for Kindle Unlimited I was intrigued. My initial thought was to find fiction books to read on the go since I have the Kindle app on my phone. Little did I know how many wonderful crafting books are also available. I have “checked out” crochet, knitting, quilting and cooking books all via this subscription. It is great.

3. Raverly “Friends”

My final secret weapon is the “friends” option on Raverly. I have many friends on Raverly. Many of them are from YouTube and Raverly groups. I select my friends, usually, based on a pattern. Which means most of my “friends” have similar taste when it comes to patterns. Therefore, when I select “friends” I can see patterns they have “faved”, queued, etc. I find so many new to me patterns on Raverly using this option.

Well, there you have it. My secret weapons. Granted, they are not so secret but they have fueled my design choices, encouraged further learning and enhanced my willingness to explore more complicated projects.


I received permission to share this limited access pass with my viewers. With the provided code you will receive access to all the courses on CreativeBug through June 30, 2015 and you get one free class to keep forever.

Redeem your pass HERE and use the promo code SUMMER2015. Don’t forget to check me out. I don’t have any projects added but I expect to change that SOON. :o)


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