I have my eyes and knitting fingers set on making a sweater. I originally thought it would become a reality in 2015. Yes, next year. I thought I’d get some more knitting under my belt.

But time and circumstances changed my mind. The first major shift was finding a wonderful sweater tutorial. Second I bought a couple of patterns and thought…”this isn’t too bad”. Lastly, I got a copy of “Sweater 101” to review for my blog and YouTube channel.

I think that’s a sign. A sign in bold neon lights flashing Make a Sweater Dana.

What can I say? I’m an astute woman. I can take a hint. 😉

Sweater 101 - Essence of Me

The Book

I received a copy of Sweater 101 and I’m reading it. My goal is to have a review up soon. I am using both the book and the tutorial (I’ll share more below) to knit my very first sweater.

The Tutorial

Ms Cheryl created a great tutorial. And what’s is awesome is not merely the quality and instruction but the price tag of the tutorial…its “free”.

I have the book but thought “why not use the book and the free tutorial to share with my readers and viewers. So, I headed over to the site and downloaded the course materials and I saved the instructional videos.

Needless to say, I’m ready to make handknit a sweater.

My First Knit Sweater - Essence of Me

Sweater Time

Now, I’m going to knit a sweater. However, the great thing about this sweater is its a child size. This means I can work through making a full sweater in less time. And I’m following Ms Cheryl’s advice and using an acrylic yarn, which saves me money too as I learn.

I have not attended a live sweater making class. Thus, I don’t have a direct comparison other than another online sweater course, which I’ll share more on later.

Ms Cheryl walks viewers through the course on the premise that any sweater can be customize by using some basic measurements and a little math.

The lessons begins with making a swatch. This swatch will provide the base numbers required to begin customizing the pattern.

Another bonus of this pattern/course is you can use any yarn, any needle and you don’t have to match her gauge.

Yes…you read right.

Any yarn, any needle, any gauge.

The pattern is truly customized to YOU.

I shopped my stash in search of some soft acrylic, grabbed my Denise Interchangeable Needles and a measuring tape.

I’m ready to begin.


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