Fit Friday…on Saturday. I wanted to wait for my first official day of marathon training.

It was hot…



and I was slow. 😉

Well, it’s official. I started with a new running group today. We ran 3 miles to determine our pace. The run was to identify our individual running pace and to place us in the appropriate group (within the group).

I took off, not literally, I stuck to a nice steady pace. It was after 7 am and humid. I found myself in sync with another runner and she and I ran and chatted the miles away.

It was nice.

I realize after the run that I am really starting over. I have run many half marathons and 5ks. But my body is starting over because I’ve failed at staying consistent with my running.

I kept hearing “start where you are” in my heart. And I’m determined to do just that…

So where I am is: 5k at 42:35.

Not my best, not my worst. It’s a starting place.



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