I arrived at 5:05am.

Too early.

You know, that nervous, first day of school, kind of nervous. I had no idea what I should expect from this “swimming class” but I was super nervous. And it didn’t help that the desk clerk added his additional comments to my thoughts.

Comments like…

… I hope you can really swim…

…Man she is a tough coach…

…yadda, yadda, yadda…

Honestly it really didn’t matter because I was freaked out, which led to me standing inside the building looking at the pool. It was illuminated with inset lights because we beat the sun up.

The other students began to arrive slowly. They were nice. But I began to notice something…they all looked like “real” swimmers.

Urgh…what in the world am I doing here?!!!

…was going through my brain.

Needless to say I survived, I’m writing this post and I’m sore, but here.

The class was hard.

She is tough.

I must admit I almost skipped the second class. Then I thought about you…and this post…and wanting to see progress.

And to clarify this “she’s tough” let me tell you, our warm up–well, their warm up–was 24 laps.


I had a choice either “run my own race” or leave. I chose to “run my own race”. This is when you decide to keep your eyes straight ahead and not worry or concern yourself with the others around you.

I was much slower, extremely tired but I did it. Not once but twice.

I had to start somewhere…

* * * * *

I hope this encourages you to try something new. You don’t have to be the fastest, strongest, slimmest, etc. You just have to show up and be determined to do your very best.

“See” you next week.

Oh and eating vegan… Don’t get me start. LOL!


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