I love to design my projects on the fly. My brain moves as a 100 miles per hour. I think about stitches, yarn, materials, the end, the beginning…TIME! Part of designing is learning. I learn best from trying new projects that push me beyond my comfort zone.

2014 I’ve decided to document my journey. I will showcase my notes in a reader friendly fashion as a point of reference for me and hopefully as a method of encouragement (and entertainment) for you.

I think of it as you sitting next to me as I make my way through this year’s yarncrafting projects.

Next on my needles…Vanessa.



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Handmade by Dana - Essence of Me

Raw Materials


The Book: Sweater 101 by Cheryl Brunette

Sweater 101 by Cheryl Brunette - Essence of Me

The full title of the book is: Sweater 101: How to Plan Sweaters that Fit … and Organize your Knitting Life at the Same Time. I knew I wanted to read up on sweater making but first I decided to search YouTube. I found a video tutorial called How to Knit a Sweater Workshop and decided to watch the entire series while knitting over a few days or so.

I was sold!

Ms Cheryl is a fantastic teacher. I decided I really wanted the book. And the rest…as they say is history or herstory. 😉

In the end, I really want to give sweater making a try.



The Pattern

Besides Ms. Cheryl being a great instructor, I loved knowing the sweater would be customized. She said the book could be used to alter most commercial sweater patterns. Which brings in another selling point, this pattern/course can be used with any yarn, any needle and you don’t have to match her gauge.

The pattern is truly customized to YOU.

My First Knit Sweater - My Pattern - Essence of Me


The Yarn

I kept the yarn simple since this is a test run for me. I decided to shop my stash and found two (2) skeins of this…

My First Knit Sweater - Red Heart with Love - Essence of Me

About the Yarn: 100% acrylic

Retail Price : $5.49 (as of 2/24/14)

Skeins Purchased
: 2 (approximately 740 yds)

Color: Iced Aqua



Handmade by Dana - Essence of Me



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Handmade by Dana - Essence of Me


Stay tuned…

**I will update this page as I move along in the process.**



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