I can’t believe I’m actually planning to knit a sweater.

Well, sort of.

Let’s begin at the beginning with the swatch. As mentioned in the last post, one the the selling points with Sweater 101, for me, was learning the pattern is customized using my swatch. Thus, the gauge is not based on the pattern or the author’s knitting but my own.

My First Knit Sweater - Essence of MeFollow my project on Vanessa on Raverly - Essence of Me.


This is what I’m working with:

Needle Size: 6 US/4mm and 8 US/5.0mm
Yarn: Red Heart with Love
Color: Iced Aqua
Fiber Content: 100% acrylic
Weight: 7oz/198g
Yardage: 370 yards
Number of Skeins: 2
Cost per skein: $5.49

Other Materials:

I decided to follow the tutorial and the book. My sweater will be smaller than the one used in the tutorial or the course materials. I used the book to make the adjustments necessary to knit an infant sweater.

The Swatch

Armed with my materials and excitement I started knitting. Per the tutorial I knitted a swatch in stockinette stitch.Once complete I did not wash and block the swatch since I’m using acrylic. I’m also planning to give this sweater to Vanessa and she won’t mind. 😉

My First Knit Sweater - My Gauge - Essence of Me

My Gauge

My resulting gauge, and the basis for my sweater:

Stitches per inch: 3.65
Rows per inch: 5.28

Meet Vanessa

Readers I’d like to introduce you to Vanessa. She is my precious doll. I’ve had her since I was about 8 years old or so. She is an original Cabbage Patch doll. The only real doll I’ve ever had or kept. And she is in need of some handknitted gear. 🙂 Plus this is a great trial run for me.

Vanessa's First Knit Sweater - Essence of Me

Am I the only one excited about this project?

I’m  sure I am. But that doesn’t bother me one bit! 🙂 Working stitch by stitch to achieve this goal has me giddy. Now using the numbers from my gauge, its time to cast on for my first knit sweater.



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