How’s the project going for you?

I have received several questions via email, Facebook and YouTube about this project. I thought I’d create this Questions and Answers post and video to help my fellow crocheters along. Let’s get going…


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Questions and Answers


Q: Dana, do you think it would look nice to use scrapes as my base row too?

A: You can, however, I suggest using a solid for your base and have fun using your scrapes on your wave rows.


Q: Does the chain on the base row count as the first stitch?

A: No. You need to complete a half double crochet (hdc) in the first stitch. If you have not done this, please watch the video because I give a method for making the correction without starting over.


Q: What is the length of your blanket?

A: The length of my blanket is about 4 – 4.5 feet long. I used the end of my king-size bed as my length.


Q: Do I only work in the back loop for the first row (worked in the chain)?

A: Yes. You only work in the back hump (for lack of a better phrase) for the first row that is done on the chain. From there stitch as usual.


Have questions? Leave them in the comment section. I’ll update as a receive more. Thanks!



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