I seem to like series posts. What about you?

I like to see the beginning, middle and end. This may reveal my nosy side but I’m cool with that. LOL!

I mentioned in my videos that I wanted to get help with the quilting basics. I’m loving the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club but I feel like it is project focused. Therefore, I decided to register for a couple classes this summer at my local quilt shop. And I’m so glad I did….

It made me think about my overall goals for the summer and how I would like to share them on my blog. Thus, the “Summer Satisfaction” series was born. I plan to share my summer of perfecting my crafts. Here are my specific goals.

1. Crochet: Record a crochet tutorial or two. You all think I don’t crochet. 🙂 But I do. I usually stick with blankets and shawls (mostly for charity). I want to make a couple basic shawl tutorials by summer end.

2.Knitting: I feel like it will be a summer of sweaters and shawls for me. I need to make a few items for myself. I want them for the fall/winter and since I knit slow I plan to work on them over the summer. My goal is at least 1 sweater and 1 shawl. Beyond that is pure gravy… 😉

3. Quilting: Get the basics of quilting under my belt and complete a full quilt by the end of summer. This is probably the hardest of the three goals but I’ve already enlisted help. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…

So there you have it. Summer Satisfaction is underway… Look for weekly progress posts.

What are you working on for summer? Do you have any specific plans? Tell me about it and let’s keep each other motivated.


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