Fit Friday: Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming - Fit Friday

  Real talk… Your girl is tired! **wiping chlorine saturated water from my brow** Fit Friday will not…and I repeat…WILL NOT turn into a whining segment. Today, just today I’m giving myself permission to say this week was hard. I wanted to stop. I want cheese. My body is aching so...

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Fit Friday: Run My Own Race

YMCA of Greater Houston | Fit Friday | Essence of Me

  I arrived at 5:05am. Too early. You know, that nervous, first day of school, kind of nervous. I had no idea what I should expect from this “swimming class” but I was super nervous. And it didn’t help that the desk clerk added his additional comments to my...

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Fit Friday: Cheese Wasted

Fit Friday - Essence of Me

  Did you ever see that movie where a group of fathers were standing around reliving “the good ole days” and “getting wasted” entered the conversation? Here’s the clip… Chocolate Wasted (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.) Well I feel like I want to get...

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Fit Friday: 21 Day Vegan Challenge

21 Day Vegan Challenge - Essence of Me

I am sitting thinking of what to type. I feel like saying “deja vu”. Like this moment occurred before…and it’s probably because it has. This blog/website has always been about my life and hobbies. For the past couple of years my yarncrafts have dominated my posting activity, which is...

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