Do You Follow My YouTube Channel?

YouTube | FreedomPlease | Essence of Me

Howdy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Yes, I just shouted through the screen from Texas and I hope you feel the love in every word. 🙂 Do you follow my YouTube channel? I hope so. If not, please subscribe because I sometimes post videos there that don’t post here. The...

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Crafting VLOG: Permission to Fail

Crafting VLOG - June 2015

  I’m trying out a new video style. I guess we can call it that… Let me know what you think. I’m mixing crafting and a little inspiration. But for today I want you to consider what’s holding you back… Permission to Fail (Can’t see the video. Please...

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Life, Expectations & Goals || VLOG #27

Life, Expectations and Goals || VLOG # 27

This video covers A LOT. Sit back and enter into convo with me. I discuss my life, expectation and goals. Also PLEASE take a few minutes and complete this quick survey: Thank you!!! And enjoy. Life, Expectations and Goals (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view...

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New Year, New Goals

New Year New Goals | Essence of Me

Happy New Year!!! I know, I’m super late. But I explain the dealio in the video. I energized, rest and ready to get this party started!   (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.) My Projects The Big Bang (the pattern) Glory Zone (the pattern) Personalized Baby...

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5KCBWDAY7: My Wish

Essence of Me with Dana

  I did it!!!! I blogged everyday all week. I’m so geeked. So much so I’m writing this post at 1 am–as if I don’t have church in a few hours. 😉 This post is meant to look back at last year and forward at next year. Well, I...

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