5KCBWDAY7: My Wish

Essence of Me with Dana

  I did it!!!! I blogged everyday all week. I’m so geeked. So much so I’m writing this post at 1 am–as if I don’t have church in a few hours. 😉 This post is meant to look back at last year and forward at next year. Well, I...

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5KCBWDAY6: 3 Generations

My Daughter and I | Essence of Me

  I remember seeing her crochet blankets. The funny thing is she didn’t do it often. But she did it enough to leave an impression. The impression was one that made me want to give the same gift to my daughter. And from my mother to me and then...

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5KCBWDAY5: Press Play

God's a Knitter Too | Essence of Me

  I have some great news to share but first let’s talk about pushing “play”. It’s time to launch!!!   Press Play (Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.)   Announcements My shirts are available!!! Order HERE. May 24, 2014: Sisters’ Circle in Houston, TX. Details...

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5KCBWDAY4: More Knitting Less Whining

More Knitting Less Whining - Essence of Me

  Addi Turbo Lace Needles: Hum…Dana, excuse me, do you have a second? Dana: Sure, what’s on your mind? Addi Turbo Lace Needles: First, call me Addi T please. We have not been formally introduced and we have something to clear up. Dana: Oh, okay.   **Dana gives Addi...

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5KCBWDAY3: A Yarnie Tale

Yarn Cake | Essence of Me

A yarnie tale… Once upon a time there was some left over yarn with nothing to do. Then a crafty crocheter had a bright idea… Running to her crafting space she located the yarn winder and begin to spin a tale that only acrylic can tell. (Okay so wool,...

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5KCBWDAY2: Soul to Soul

  I am laid back… Easy to engage… …and I have your back on bad days. My name is Sade. I love warm weather and spontaneity. I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of woman on most days. But when its necessary a maxi dress with sandals turn my simple...

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