Fit Friday: My Starting Place

Fit Friday - Essence of Me

  Fit Friday…on Saturday. I wanted to wait for my first official day of marathon training. It was hot… Muggy… Sticky… and I was slow. 😉 Well, it’s official. I started with a new running group today. We ran 3 miles to determine our pace. The run was to identify our...

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Fit Friday: Wings to Guns

Wings to Guns - Essence of Me

Okay so the title of this post may be a bit drastic. …or…extremely drastic… But any of you with arms that look nothing like the First Lady or Angela Bassett will get my drift. I have wings. Yes, I’m sharing this with the world and frankly I’m cool with...

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Fit Friday: Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming - Fit Friday

  Real talk… Your girl is tired! **wiping chlorine saturated water from my brow** Fit Friday will not…and I repeat…WILL NOT turn into a whining segment. Today, just today I’m giving myself permission to say this week was hard. I wanted to stop. I want cheese. My body is aching so...

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