Ki Places

Ki Places - Scrap Yarn Granny Rectangle - Essence of Me

It is finished. I have worked…crocheting…digging up scraps…winding them up…and it yielded this beautiful blanket for my daughter. My initial intent was to work on it here and there. But once she learned it was for her…well she kind of put a fire under my butt. 😉 Here are...

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Waste Not Want Not: Scrap Yarn Project

Scrap Yarn - Essence of Me

My grandmother and mother used to say “waste not want not”. It is an old saying basically meaning if you don’t waste a particular item in the present you won’t lack for that particular item in the future. I am adopting the philosophy to my yarn life. I usually...

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Scrap Yarn Crochet A Long Tutorials

Once Was Lost Crochet-A-Long Flyer

As promised, the tutorials to get started on your scrap yarn shawl or blanket are available. Click HERE to get started. The following segments are available: Prep Details Organizing Your Scrap Yarn Getting Started – Tutorial Part 1 Additional videos will post tomorrow. Stay tuned…  

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