My grandmother and mother used to say “waste not want not”. It is an old saying basically meaning if you don’t waste a particular item in the present you won’t lack for that particular item in the future.

I am adopting the philosophy to my yarn life. I usually try to find a place for everything. I utilize my yarn to the very last inch.

I will crochet or knit a project and gather my scraps in little balls. I toss them in a bag, in a container, stored away until my bag overflows to the container. Then its time for my stored away scraps to make their debut.

In the past I’ve made bookmarks, cat play yarn balls, doll stuffing, shawls, scarves, blankets and more. All of them with my scraps.

Well, its that time again. My bags in the container are screaming for my time. And my daughter is begging for me to make her a blanket, since I made my hubby one and my son one.

I think it is funny since she crochet’s herself. But underneath the eye rolling and protesting I love it. She still wants her mom to make her a blanket. 😉

I have to hold on to these moments because she is a teenager now and they are coming less frequently.

Ki Places

Ki Places - Essence of Me

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With all that said, I’ve begun another scrap blanket project. She already loves it. Which is hilarious because I’ve only begun and it hasn’t quite taken form AND the colors (due to the scraps) are…questionable.

She likes it so I’ll keep crocheting until its done. I believe I have enough scraps and individual skeins to complete it. At least I hope I do. Because I don’t want to buy more yarn. I want to use what I have.

With that said…here’s what I’m working with:

Hook Size: K 10.5/6.5mm
Yarn: Various (Red Heart Super Saver, I Love This Yarn, Red Heart with Love, Caron, Impeccable, etc.)
Color: Various (solids & variegated)

Started: Approximately March 10, 2014


  • yarn winder
  • scissors
  • pattern (provided through the free course)

I am not using a pattern except that its a granny rectangle. The colors do not match yet I’m trying to group the scraps with color coordinates and transition with a variegated. I plan to add a solid color for a few rounds periodically to help blend.

This project will not require much discussion nor “blogging”. However, I will update with pictures and answer any questions.

Adding this project to my WIPs makes four active projects. O.O This is not too bad. And this blanket will have a priority since its for my baby.

Stay tuned for more pictures as I crochet Ki Places for my princess. 

Join Me

Feel free to join me. Don’t know how to make a granny rectangle?

I’ve got you covered. The tutorial posted this past Saturday. 😉 All you need to do is gather your scraps. Get them organized and make an original blanket for someone you love.



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