Yarnbox announced a new offering called Yarnbox Luxe. I jumped at the chance to try it. Here’s me unboxing the very first edition of Yarnbox Luxe.

The Unboxing

 [youtube url=”http://youtu.be/5FAaRbwAQ54″ width=”600″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]

(Can’t view the video? Click HERE to view online.)

The Links

  • The Yarn: Mongolian Cashmere (on Raverly) (Retail: $47.00 per skein approx.)
  • The Yarn Company: Jade Sapphire Exotic Fibres (website)
  • The Designer: Jocelyn Tunney (on Raverly)
  • The Pattern: Cashmere Chevron Scarf by Jocelyn Tunney (not available for purchase, it appears to be an exclusive pattern)
  • The Extras:
    • Bling Your String (website) (Retail: $7.00 approx.)
    • Save Our Sweaters (website) (Retail: $12.95)


A Few Comments

I am a fan of Yarnbox. My subscriptions up to this present date have all met or exceeded my expectations. Not merely due to service and quality of the selections. But I also always receive more (value-wise) than what I pay and that is important to me.

This box is no different. But I wanted to add a few comments to address some of the differences I noticed after recording the video:

1. There was only a knit pattern. For me that’s fine. I love knitting. And as I stated in my last Yarnbox video, I have not used one of their patterns yet. I do plan, however, to try the provided pattern this time around. I’d like to believe they would fix this in the coming subscriptions since, I’m sure, there are knitters and crocheters subscribed to the box.

2. The box has addends. This is great. But I’m not certain if this will be a staple. I hope so because it increases the value. As it stands, I like that the box exceeds the value (dollar for dollar) before the extras.

3. Lastly, this may be a test. They are not accepting new subscribers for Yarnbox Luxe and they do not have a waiting list. This must mean they are testing the market to see if it is worth the extra work and expense. This one is interesting to me because I believe the yarns provided in the standard box are high quality and rare. Thus, I can’t imagine how many other premium yarn producers are out there. This thought alone would have me keep my subscription…with all things remaining equal, of course.

I plan to stay subscribed the dollar value of this month’s box is about $161.00. This does not include tax and I’m using the lowest price that I found online for the yarn per skein. This is more than twice the subscription price.

Again, Yarnbox has stepped up and exceeded my expectations. My next box will come in December. I’ll keep you informed.

What do you think? 

About Yarnbox

Yarnbox was built out of a passion for discovering wonderful new fibers and yarns and sharing that joy with others. There are simply too many great yarns for even the largest of stores to carry. The sad truth is that many high quality yarns are simply unknown to many knitters. Yarnbox allows you to experience fibers you may never have discovered while allowing small brands exposure on an international level.

For more information visit http://www.yarnbox.com (on Raverly).


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