I am chopping at the bit to get this first project started. I hope to document the process since it seems I show the yarn…then show the finished project. If you’re a crafter like me, I believe you’ll enjoy seeing the progress. This particular project may be a WIP (work in progress) for at least a month or so. Well, let me stop chattering and get to the details.

Let’s go!

Oh How I Love
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Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online.

Mini Yarn Haul

 As mentioned in the video, this is the first time I’ve ordered from Willow Yarns. The color selection, as well as the prices, were exactly what I needed. The shipping was reasonable (it was free with my order) and it feels really soft.

  Willow Yarns Yarn Haul - Essence of Me

Willow Yarns Daily Worsted

Willow Yarns Daily Worsted - Essence of Me

Shown in Periwinkle.

This versatile yarn is 100% wool yet machine washable. It comes in so many color choices. Your finished projects can be exactly what you envision.
¤ 100% superwash wool.
¤ Machine wash. Imported.
¤ 3.5oz/100g/218yd/199m.
More details…

Willow Yarns Everest

Willow Yarns Everest - Essence of Me

Shown in Granite.

Fine merino yarn to make garments that feel luscious against the skin. Exquisite softness.
¤ 1.75oz/50g/126yd/115m.
¤ 50% fine merino/50% micro fiber.
¤ Hand wash. Imported.
More details…

knit, Swirl! Uniquely Flattering, One Piece, One Seam Swirl Jackets

Knit Swirl - Essence of MeKnit Picks


Within the lavishly photographed pages of knit, Swirl!, designer Sandra McIver presents 18 designs that flatter all figures, each based on the innovative one piece, one seam circular construction she calls a “Swirl”. Using simple knitting techniques, she creates elegant sweater jackets in four dramatic silhouettes and three flexible sizes.



That’s It…

This is all for now. Once I finish this post I’m off to figure out how to create a swatch for my new project. Hopefully the yarn candy was enough to hold you as I push up my sleeves and knit my first major swatch.

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